Very successful Rijeka 0101 conference

We are very glad that Rijeka 0101 conference, which symbolically marked the end of Generation 0101 project activities in Rijeka, was attended by representatives from public, private and nonprofit sector – people who deal with ICT, technology and the development of our community on a daily basis. Rijeka 0101 conference was excellent opportunity to gain new insights, exchange experiences and arrange future cooperation to which we really look forward to.

On Tuesday, September 13th, we have gathered on Rijeka 0101 conference. It was organized to present the results of Generation 0101 project – research about implementation of Digital agenda in Republic of Croatia with emphasis on youth unemployment, reccomendations which derived from research for decision makers on all levels, ICT education of youth and ICT solutions which these youth have developed during Hackathon.

We decided to use the conference for sharing experiences with representatives from local community who are accomplishing ingenious achievements – from Croatian 3D printing pioneer, assistant professor Ph.D. Sven Maričić to the pioneer of assistive technology Ph.D. Miroslav Vrankić, along with young innovators and IT teachers whose students accomplish excellent results on various IT competitions. We had a chance to listen about how they started their path to success, how they overcame challenges and what are their plans for the future.

We have given Youthpass diplomas to our participants which describe knowledge and skills they acquired during their participation in project.

The Generation 0101 project is financed by European Commission through Erasmus+ programme. It is a strategic partnership between six European organizations.