The pilot training of Generation0101 has started in Lithuania

The pilot training of the Generation0101 training modules has started in Lithuania. All the invited youngsters gathered in Vilnius and Kaunas, two largest cities in Lithuania, and started their participation in the training. The training marathon was started by e. journalism module in Vilnius. The participants began their acquaintance with the basics of journalism and e. journalism, the ins and outs of the e. journalist profession and a wide range of activities that an e. journalist must know how to perform on a daily basis.

Youngsters shared their views on the today’s journalism, analysed the similarities and differences of journalism and e. journalism, looked into examples of good and bad journalism, and provided their own examples. The training helped them to better understand the importance of journalism in today’s society, its role and the need to stay impartial and objective. All this helped them to grasp the importance of the work that journalists do, understand the versatility of the profession and the diversity of skills that are needed.