Hackathon is an event where educated young people will collaborate intensively on ICT solutions (services, tools, products) that will be used in local organizations (NGO's, non-profit organization, student organizations, social enterprises, etc.) in partner countries. It will serve as a practice for them and to show their gained knowledge and skills.
One Hackathon will be implemented in each participating organization. Each partner organization will announce open call for local organizations (youth organizations, social enterprises, NGO's, non-profit organizations, students' organizations, etc.). 
This event will serve as a practice workshop in which participants of educational modules will demonstrate what they have learned during the education and will therefore also contribute to measuring the successfulness of the project objectives and results. Organizations that will use their services and skills will evaluate the participants' work and final products (for example, a promotional video or a web page).
During the Hackathon, young people will learn the process of planning the project and its different elements, looking for data and information about the theme of project and analysing them, finding solutions and solving problems, coping with unexpected situations during the development of project, learning how to communicate with “consumer” and understand needs while putting them into practice.

Final Vilnius hackathon video.

Project Generation 0101 had an ambitious goal. During it young people from several countries were able to learn new ICT related skills that are valuable in today’s work market and introduces youngsters to potential carrier paths. After trainings the best participants were granted opportunities to travel abroad and participate in international hackathons where they would create ICT solutions for NGOs that need such help.