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Generation 0101 Team

"Get Online Week" and training activities at Izmir University, Turkey

The project Generation 0101 in which six countries participates including Izmir University is funded by Erasmus +. The objective of this Project is to teach Young people in seven different areas towards preparing projects for NGO’s . Upon successful completion of these course, student will participate in a project marathon in 6 different countries together with other youth.

Project participants filmed each other and then created videos

Participants of Generation 0101 project in Lithuania studied the basics of video content creation and management. During the training they were taught about video recording, introduced to the possible ways to express their ideas through video content. They filmed and acted their own scripts. It was possible to try and implement the newly gained knowledge and skills at the library where the training took place.

The pilot training of Generation0101 has started in Lithuania

The pilot training of the Generation0101 training modules has started in Lithuania. All the invited youngsters gathered in Vilnius and Kaunas, two largest cities in Lithuania, and started their participation in the training. The training marathon was started by e. journalism module in Vilnius. The participants began their acquaintance with the basics of journalism and e. journalism, the ins and outs of the e. journalist profession and a wide range of activities that an e. journalist must know how to perform on a daily basis.